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Dominic appears as the bartender in Kate Welch’s new music video that was released Friday on youtube.

Screencaps are added to the gallery

DOMINIC SHERWOOD > Music Videos > Kate Welch – Au Revoir / 11/25/17

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Hope you all are having a festive family night with your loved ones and being thankful but here are 2 clis of Kat and Dom revealing what they are thankful for and what they love to eat on thanksgiving

@kitkatsmeow shares her favorite Thanksgiving dishes. ? #Shadowhunters

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Inspired by the time he spent in Kenya as a teenager, the Brit wants to open self-sustaining villages in developing countries. “Essentially a small town encapsulating schools, housing and medical care if it’s needed,” Sherwood explains. “That’s something I’ve been working on with an engineer friend of mine for the last couple months to try and put it into place. Before I die I’d like that to be set up with a view to it continuing on.”

During the first two seasons of the fantasy series, the cast would lighten the mood with on-set pranks. “But we avoid pranks nowadays because the fear of reprisal is so significant,” Daddario says. “Each of us is ready to go nuclear with the counter-prank. It’s like a nuclear stalemate.” The cast’s top offender? Sherwood. “Dom loves to scare Kat [McNamara]. And it’s really funny because she falls for it every single time,” Shum Jr. reveals. “Although Isaiah did get Dom once and literally scared him to death. It was hilarious and we caught it on tape.” Now to unwind, Sherwood says, “We go out on the weekends and spend time with each other, completely unrelated to the show.”

To see the other guys photos check out the rest here at PEOPLE


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DOMINIC SHERWOOD > EVENTS > 2017 > anti-bullying week photocall – 11/13

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Dominic Sherwood hits up an anti-bullying week photocall on Monday morning (November 13) at Alexandra Palace in London, England.

The Shadowhunters star joined ambassadors Felicity Potter and James Okulaja at the event, as well as other celebs like Holly Branson and Monica Lewinsky.

Just recently, Dominic took over the Shadowhunters socials to tease what’s ahead for season three.

Some of the biggest reveals include a strong parabatai scene and scene between Jace and Isabelle scene where fans will see references to their upbringing together.

Also, don’t count on Jace singing in the series — he’ll only do it if Matthew Daddario does it too.

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Kat will be attending COMC CON PORTUGAL DEC 15-16

Looks like the Men of Shadowhunters are listed in PEOPLES latest issue of Sexiest Man Alive as “SEXIEST YOUNG ADULT IDOLS” along with Harry being named Sexiest Abs.

Scan of it will be posted when I grab my hands on it soon. but this is from Dom’s IG that he posted. If anyone knows if there are more to the photoshoot it will be posted if there is more.

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Life is always better when you have a good ghoulfriend! ??? @emeraudetoubia #KatTakeover xx, @kitkatsmeow

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I’m not sure how many more of these bloody puns you can HANDle.?? #KatTakeover xx, @kitkatsmeow

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Deja Boo! Something about this feels familiar… Shadowhaunters, am I right? ?? #KatTakeover @domsherwood xx, @kitkatsmeow

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Camera crew #SQUADGHOULS ft. @matthewdaddario ! ???? #KatTakeover xx, @kitkatsmeow

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