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This Week’s Exclusive Secrets from Set: Finding out the Jace is, in fact, the Owl is a pretty big trip. What’s even trippier is that Dominic Sherwood has actually been under the mask this whole time instead of leaving it up to a stunt guy. Talk about going the extra mile!

“That costume is not an easy thing to fight in,” Sherwood reveals. “The mask is quite heavy. There are solid black lenses that are out of focus, so I can’t really see 100 percent, but at the end of the day it looks sweet, so it doesn’t really matter that much.”

At least Clace fans can be kind of happy to know that McNamara confirms the big choking scene is all for show and Sherwood’s hand was “barely” on her throat.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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HollywoodLife chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Katherine McNamara about how Clary and Jace will be dealing with what happened and how they’re going to handle the unexpected effects of Jace being resurrected. The actress revealed Clary’s perspective on the world has changed forever, and there’s “definitely a maturity” we haven’t seen before. Oh, and Lilith? Katherine said we should all be very worried. “She’s out to make us pay,” Katherine teased. Check out our full Q&A below:

In the premiere, we start to see the effects of Clary bringing Jace back from the dead. Is she going to learn what’s going on with him early on? Or will he keep what he’s experiencing from her?
Katherine McNamara: It’s sort of a slow burn, if you will. Jace ultimately wants to protect Clary from what’s going on because he sees the guilt that she feels after what happened. Ultimately, in trying to bring him back, she was trying to save his life and to undo this tragedy that happened, but not realizing in doing so there would be so many aftereffects and Jace would struggle so much. She sees Jace as this wonderful, amazing, angelic warrior, and to see him broken in a sense is really heartbreaking. To know that it’s because of something she did, it’s a really deadly blow for her emotionally. Jace knows this, and as much as he can, he’s going to try and protect her from it. Jace is a very self-sufficient character as well and doesn’t like to ask for help, so that’s also part of it. He’s going to try and fight it as much as he can and keep from her, but ultimately, they’re going to have to rely on each other because they’re in this together and they don’t have anyone else. They both know that nothing stays secret in the Shadow World for long, so someone’s going to find out and they’re going to suffer those consequences together. So if they don’t stand by each other, they have no one. As much as they want to tell Alec and as much as Clary wants to turn to someone, she knows that she can’t because that would make them culpable. She can’t stand to hurt anyone else that she loves.

Jace started to have these horrific hallucinations in the premiere. Are we going to see more aftereffects?
Katherine McNamara: Yes, so this season delves into those aftereffects, what they really mean, what’s the cause of them, how much they really effect Jace and his relationship with Clary, and what they have to do to deal with them in the long run. It becomes a huge obstacle, not only for them as characters, but also for their relationship. Because if you think about it, this is the first time that the two of them have had a chance to give their relationship the life they always wanted to give it, and they have this chance to finally be together and to love each other the way they’ve always wanted, and yet there’s something else that gets in the way. But occasionally you do have moments to see them as a couple and sort of behave in that way when the world isn’t ending. We do see those flashes of romance, which is beautiful, but most of the time they’re just trying to sort this out. It’s interesting what it does for Clary because she can’t turn to anyone. It gives her an opportunity to really take some initiative,trust her instincts, trust everything that she’s learned about the Shadow World, take action of her own accord, and try to figure this out for herself and really atone for everything that she’s caused in this world.

This is a lot for anyone to handle. Could this pressure eventually send Clary down a dark path or will see a stronger, more determined version of her?
Katherine McNamara: There’s definitely a maturity to her this season. That was sort of my goal with Clary moving forward into season 3 because she has been through so much. If you think about the timeline of the show, it’s only been a few months since found out about the Shadow World. But to be thrown into this new world, to have her best friend go through his own transformation, to losing her mother, to having to kill her father, and then lose the love of her life and bring him back, it’s a lot of very weighty things that have happened to her. She’s sort of gone from this little girl who sees this world with wide-eyed wonder to now seeing it as this cold-blooded world that is very deadly and has no forgiveness. She knows the value of the people that she loves, and she knows the nature of the consequences that are possible. She moves foward with that perspective, and it’s definitely changes the way she thinks about things and the thought she puts into things before she takes action.

In the episode, Alec is suspicious about what happened with Clary and Jacy. What can you say about Clary and Alec’s relationship in season 3?
Katherine McNamara: This is sort of the unfortunate thing about Clary and Alec’s relationship. It started off as tempestuous, and right when they started to work as a team and finally got on the same page and Alec accepted her as one of the Shadowhutners and started giving her responsibilities as a team member, this whole thing happens. He’s beginning to doubt whether he can trust Clary and it puts a block in their friendship. It’s really unfortunate because I feel like the two of them want the same thing. They both love Jace so much, but ultimately she can’t lie to him very well because he knows Jace better than Jace knows himself. They’re parabatai. They feel everything the same. So of course he’s going to be able to tell that someone’s wrong with Jace. He knows that Clary was the only other person at that lake, so he knows Clary’s hiding something. As much as Clary wants to tell him, she knows that if she does he’s also culpable. There’s absolutely no way she could live with hurting Alec and Jace. She won’t let anyone else be brought into this because she knows when it goes down, it’s going to come down hard.

Clary surprised Lilith in the premiere with her power. Does Clary have a target on her back now?
Katherine McNamara: I think Clary has had a target on her back with Lilith from the beginning. Jace in particular, but Clary as well. The two of them were responsible for hurting the closest thing that Lilith has to a child, which is Clary’s brother. Moving forward in that, she’s out for blood and out for vengeance. She’s out to make us pay. If there’s a villain to be afraid of in the Shadow World, it’s Lilith. She’s literally the mother of all demons. She’s the queen of hell. She’s got power beyond what anyone can imagine. Forgiveness and mercy are not high on her priority list.

Should fans be worried about Lilith?
Katherine McNamara: Fans should be very worried about her. Everyone should be worried about her. I’m worried about her.

What about Simon and Clary throughout the rest of season 3? Will their storyline stay separate or will something inevitably bring them together?
Katherine McNamara: This is kind of the challenge for both of their characters this season. Clary is so engrossed in trying to help Jace and dealing with all of that, and Simon is so engrossed in dealing with aftereffects of the deal he made with the Seelie Queen, they’re sort of stranded and separated from each other for a good bit. Until they can find a way back to each other, neither one really has anyone to turn to or anyone to lean on.


For those of you who need a refresher, Shadowhunters ended its second season with a lot of death (and resurrection). After Valentine killed Jace, Clary returned the favor, killing her father and then asking the Angel to return Jace to the land of the living. The Angel did just that, reuniting Clary with her love. But Jace wasn’t the only person who cheated death. After fans thought they’d seen the last of Jonathan, he opened a portal to hell and brought “mother” — a.k.a. Lilith — into things.

EW talked with star Katherine McNamara about what to expect when season 3 returns.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Does this show just keep getting darker?
KATHERINE MCNAMARA: It really does. But that’s one of the most exciting parts about it because we keep building on what we’ve done so far. We want to get better and darker and scarier and more intense, and somehow it just keeps happening, and it’s wonderful.

When season 3 picks up, are Clary and Jace in a real relationship?
I’m pretty sure from the moment that Jace said “I love you” and then died — that’s kind of the most twisted way to ask someone to be your girlfriend [laughs] — from that moment, they know how they feel about each other. It’s through that dire circumstance that they realize that they can’t be apart, and they literally cannot live without each other. This is the first moment we have to see them have a real relationship and to really love each other the way they’ve always wanted to and to really let that relationship grow, even though there’s this giant secret that’s weighing heavily on both of them. And the after-effects of Jace being resurrected are also coming into play.

How will Clary’s decision to resurrect Jace affect them?
Clary made a rash decision, a decision of passion and adrenaline in the moment. I don’t think Clary will ever regret the decision to bring Jace back to life, but she definitely understands that it might not have been the most responsible choice. That’s going to have a huge effect moving forward because it’s this big secret that she knows she can’t confide in anyone at the Institute because then that makes them culpable. So what it does is it spurs on this initiative in Clary to move forward and take responsibility for her actions and really atone for everything, as well as trust her instincts as a Shadowhunter and do everything she can to help Jace.

Jace and Clary are always busy saving the world, but do we get to see them be a normal couple at all, maybe go on a date?
It’s really lovely because you do see a few brief moments of that. They do find their little pockets of time when the world isn’t ending and someone’s not about to die and they don’t have to rush off to some mission, where you get to see them behave as a couple and you see those awkward moments and the sweet moments and the romantic moments. But ultimately, the Shadow World takes precedence over happy couple time.

Let’s not skip over the fact that Clary killed her father. Are there any emotional or mental side effects from that for her?
Absolutely. Clary’s fighting so hard against being a Morgenstern and against that darkness that she inherited from her father, but ultimately that was the key to defeating him. You saw her snap. You saw her go full Morgenstern, if you will, and take out her father. But moving forward, what that develops into is a maturity in Clary. It’s only been a couple months that she’s been a part of this world and she lost her mother, she found and lost a brother, she found the love of her life and had him die and come back to life, and ultimately she had to kill her father. That changes a person, so whereas once she was this little girl who came into this world with wide-eyed wonder, she’s now a woman who sees this world for what it is, which is a dark, deadly world that has no forgiveness.

On another note, how will Clary react to Simon’s deal with the Seelie Queen?
This is I think one of the biggest tragedies of this season is that Simon and Clary are stranded alone, away from each other, for quite a while. Because Simon has so much to deal with with the deal he made with the Seelie Queen and the effects of that. And Clary is so engrossed in dealing with Jace and trying to help him and figure out what’s wrong with him. They’re left without each other and without anyone to turn to for a long time.

Shadowhunters returns Tuesday, March 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

The gallery has been updated with interview screencaps of Kat and Dom who did press for season 2 along with Isaiah and Emeraude, Dom and Isaiah did press together while Kat and Emeraude did press together. Also some season 2 trailers. Posted some of the Instagram posts that Shadowhunterstv had posted relating to #Clace and or the cast.


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KAT MCNAMARA > EVENTS > 2017 > Press Conference at Comic Con Portugal – 12/15
KAT MCNAMARA > EVENTS > 2017 > Kat press panel with fans at Portugal Comic Con – 12/15

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Inspired by the time he spent in Kenya as a teenager, the Brit wants to open self-sustaining villages in developing countries. “Essentially a small town encapsulating schools, housing and medical care if it’s needed,” Sherwood explains. “That’s something I’ve been working on with an engineer friend of mine for the last couple months to try and put it into place. Before I die I’d like that to be set up with a view to it continuing on.”

During the first two seasons of the fantasy series, the cast would lighten the mood with on-set pranks. “But we avoid pranks nowadays because the fear of reprisal is so significant,” Daddario says. “Each of us is ready to go nuclear with the counter-prank. It’s like a nuclear stalemate.” The cast’s top offender? Sherwood. “Dom loves to scare Kat [McNamara]. And it’s really funny because she falls for it every single time,” Shum Jr. reveals. “Although Isaiah did get Dom once and literally scared him to death. It was hilarious and we caught it on tape.” Now to unwind, Sherwood says, “We go out on the weekends and spend time with each other, completely unrelated to the show.”

To see the other guys photos check out the rest here at PEOPLE


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If you thought Jonathan’s death was going to be the big cliffhanger of Shadowhunters‘ second season, you could not have been more wrong. Not only is Jonathan still alive, but he has summoned some sort of demon he calls “mother.” Oh, and then there’s the little fact that Valentine killed Jace, which sent Clary into a rage spiral and resulted in Clary killing Valentine and using his “one wish” with the angel to resurrect the man she loves. (Yes, they love each other again — or at least according to that kiss they do.)

EW spoke with star Katherine McNamara about the biggest moments of the finale, starting with Jace’s death and that moment being the very thing that spurred Clary to kill Valentine. “Clary losing Jace was a breaking point for her,” McNamara says. “It’s the last thing that Valentine can take from her and it’s the one thing that she was holding onto. That is the final straw for Clary and you see it, you see her break. You see Clary for the first time quit caring about her own life and you see her go into almost a blind rage.”

That blind rage is what leads Clary to kill Valentine by stabbing him repeatedly, something McNamara reveals was exaggerated when they edited the episode. “I didn’t actually stab him that many times consecutively on the day, but I’m glad they edited it the way they did because it really drives home the point that she’s made her choice, she has taken that step, she is a Shadowhunter now and she will do what’s right. I think she surprises herself even in that moment, the brutality that she shows toward Valentine, but it’s such a great step for her character because finally, we get to see that fire and that warrior within her.”

McNamara points out the irony that it’s the Morgenstern within her that is the very thing that ultimately kills Valentine. “It’s that fierceness and that feral nature that Valentine and Jonathan both have that comes out of her for the first time, and I think it even scares Valentine a little bit,” she says.

But Clary isn’t the only person who made a big decision in the finale. The show’s final minutes revealed that Simon did, in fact, make a deal with the Seelie Queen, and it’s one that, odds are, Clary’s not going to like. “Here’s the thing: The Seelies are very good at hiding things, so it kind of leaves an open door to see what’s going to happen, what they want with Simon,” she says. “The Seelie Queen is very good at collecting powerful beings and Simon is one of those powerful beings and so moving forward, we’ll see what happens. But honestly, Clary has a bone to pick with the Seelie Queen. This child or woman or whatever form she takes is the one person in the Shadow World that Clary cannot give the benefit of the doubt to, and I have a feeling — or at least I hope in the future — that there will be a confrontation between the two.”

Unrelated to the action happening in the Shadow World, the finale was also a big moment in McNamara’s personal life when her first original single played over the party scene at the bar. “It’s called ‘Ember’ and it’s one that I wrote a while ago, but it’s really special to me and I’m glad it found its way into the show,” she says. “I wrote it right after we shot season 1 and it’s partially inspired by the characters but also by some things that happened in my life — we all have moments in life when we doubt who we are because of someone or something that’s happened to us, but despite all of that, there’s a little ember of hope that always is within each one of us — there’s a spark in the ashes that’s ready to reignite at any moment and that moment is what the song is about. I thought that was so perfectly placed in the finale that I was so grateful that they included it.”


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Kat will be doing a #Buildseries interview via livestream today at 1:00 pm ET, you can check it out on the Buildseries app or the site


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Kat talks to TV Guide and reveals a little bit to whats to come……..

Shadowhunters is gearing up for an insane Season 2 finale with the Shadow World and the Downworld on the brink of war. Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) and his children are caught in the middle of the entire debacle.
We never thought we’d see the day when the Downworld would unite with Valentine (or when he’d deign to unite with any of them), but that day has come and it’s going to mean some seriously tough choices for these characters, downworlders and shadowhunters alike.

Here to answer all your burning questions is Katherine McNamara with some great teases about what to expect in Monday’s finale episode.

Can we assume Sebastian/Jonathan (Will Tudor) is actually dead?
Katherine McNamara: Sebastian is one of the most powerful beings in the shadow world, so we never really know what is going on with him. I think it’s safe to say that we should all not relax yet because whether or not Sebastian is alive or dead – or rather Jonathan is alive or dead – there’s still Valentine to deal with. He still has two of the mortal instruments, and he knows where the third is, and he’s on his way. So we have a lot to deal with. And also, there’s the Seelie Queen (Sarah Hyland), who’s having her own sort of side scheme happening as well.

Assuming Clary thinks he’s dead, is she at all conflicted about that?
McNamara: I think Clary will always be conflicted about her brother because she never even got the chance to have him as a part of her life. The person that would have been her brother never really got the chance to even exist because of Jonathan’s demon blood and the experiments and Jonathan’s time in Edom.
The fact that Clary’s lost her mother and Valentine will never truly be the father that she needs – Clary really has no biological family left. Regardless of her resentment towards Jonathan and the fact that he tried to kill her and all of that, it’s still her family. There will always be a scar on her heart from losing them.

How deadly is this alliance between the Seelie Queen and Valentine going to be?
McNamara: It’s pretty deadly. Valentine is the root of all evil in the Shadow World, and then you have the Seelie Queen, who is nefarious in her own right and will go to great lengths to get whatever she wants. On top of that, we all know that the Seelies always align themselves with the winning side — or what they expect to be the winning side. The fact that the Seelies have pushed away from The Clave and have aligned themselves with Valentine is very scary.

Are we going to find out what Valentine whispered to her last week, or is that a mystery for another season?
McNamara: Let me put it this way; a lot of things come to the surface in this finale.
Can you say why the Seelie Queen is so fascinated with Simon (Alberto Rosende)?
McNamara: We really don’t find out what her true plan is, but we know that Simon is kind of an anomaly in the Shadow World in the same way that Jace and Clary are anomalies because of their angel blood and the same way that Jonathan was an anomaly because of his demon blood.
Simon is the only daylighter to exist in hundreds of years. Most vampires thought daylighters were a myth. With that ability that he has comes kind of a power and a danger to the way that things have been established, and the Seelie Queen sees the advantage within that. I feel like the Seelie Queen likes to collect powerful beings, potentially ones that could be a threat to her, potentially ones that she could use as weapons. She’s slowly assembling an army of her own, I think.

In that army are Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Luke (Isaiah Mustafa). What can you tease about how they play into the finale?
McNamara: Well, we’ve seen the unrest in the Downworld from the beginning of Season 2, and things are finally coming to fruition, but it’s forcing leaders like Luke and Magnus and Alec (Matthew Daddario) to make these difficult choices, where they truly have to choose between their heart and their duty to their people.
That’s when it becomes difficult because you have Luke and Magnus, who are downworlders and who have to think about their people, but also Luke is basically Clary’s dad and Simon’s dad and the person who looks out for all of these young folks. And then you have Magnus who is so in love with Alec and wants to be there to support him but can’t because he also has to support his people. It’s these sort of difficult choices that will shape the future of the Downworld.

What does that kiss between Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and Clary mean moving forward?
McNamara: For the first time in basically the entire series, you have Jace and Clary both at a point where they’re willing to explore this relationship and where they’re ready to commit and dive in and see what this connection really is for them. There’s kind of a beauty in that, but also we saw in Episode 19 there’s an immense power in that too. When the two of them combine and allow their emotions to access their angelic abilities, they can literally accomplish the impossible.
Now that they’ve both finally had a kiss that wasn’t induced by the Seelie Queen, they’re both in a place where they can be more open to the possibility of what a relationship could mean for both of them.

Do you think there’s a future there, or are they destined to be kept apart by one thing or another forever?
McNamara: Jace and Clary have had a connection since day one. They’ve had an electricity between them, and they’ve quite literally been drawn to each other. That will never go away. The reason that their connection is so powerful is it goes beyond attraction, it goes beyond anything physical, it goes beyond the hardships that they’ve been through.
It’s truly that the two of them are meant for each other, and if they can overcome these obstacles, they will be able to, hopefully, have their happy ending. But the obstacles are pretty intense, and we’ve got some surprises in the season finale.

What kind of surprises can you tease?
McNamara: One surprise that I don’t think a lot of people know about yet is my first original single is on the soundtrack of the finale and is being released on Monday. I’ve been working on music for a long time, but I haven’t had time to properly commit to it because of the show and everything, but it’s a song that I wrote after Season 1. It’s really special to me. It’s one of the first songs that I wrote that I’ve finally felt was the beginning of who I am as an artist. It just so happens that the subject matter fits into the show, and the musical style fits into the show really well. When the powers that be heard it, they tried to find a place for it. Ultimately they did, and I’m really grateful.

You teased deaths, plural, coming by the end of the season. Does that mean there’s still more deaths to come in the finale?
McNamara: You’ve definitely seen one major death, but we’re still a long way from the finish line. Stay on your toes, grab some tissues, grab the comfort food of your choice. This finale is brutal, you’re going to need it.


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